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    About the guild Veangeance


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    About the guild Veangeance

    Post by AerialDragoon on Wed May 25, 2011 9:09 pm

    Vengeance Guild

    Vengeance is a new guild. Our guild level is 22, and we are trying to get our level as high as possible. To do this, we need active members of course. As leader [AerialDragoon], I am trying my best to give everything to my members.

    As fact, our guild also has a forum. (You can find our forum address if you open the guild window).

    I want to make this guild the best guild on DemonFlyff. That would be pretty hard, because there are a lot guilds who are better then us. When we are ready, I want to organize Guild Wars, and after that, apply for Guild Sieges.

    Why are we special? Because we are a guild with many abilities and skills. Every month or less, we have meetings between the Guild Leader and Kingpins/Captains. Sometimes we also hold a meeting with the entire guild.
    We as a guild are active, talkactive and love to have fun. Sometimes we are killing a CW, or we are hanging around. As leader I know 'fun' is important, but in fights, we need to are we very serious.

    Want to join?

    We are OPEN for new member applications.

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